About the booking

1Q:Can I have the room number and the next room?
A:Specify the room number and the adjacent room is 2. Please consult at the time of appointment.
2Q:Can I wait for the cancellation?
A:Sorry,we didn't accept the cancellation.Please confirm it on the phone at any time.
3Q:Can my pet stay with me?
A:Sorry, guests can't stay with their pets.If guests and pets come together, please allow us to help you find the pet hotel.
4Q:When the traffic stops running, can you cancel it for free?
A:If it is due to natural disasters and other reasons, we will not charge the cancellation fee.If the vehicle can be operated or generally accessible, the cancellation fee will be provided. Please understand.
5Q:How do you calculate the cancellation fee?
A:Cancellation is made on the day before accommodation, and the cancellation fee is 50% of the cost of accommodation. The situation on the day of accommodation is 100%. Please understand in advance.

About the accommodation

1Q:Is it ok to deviate from the time of arrival?
A:Yes, no problem. Please contact us if you check in after 23pm.
2Q:Is the hotel gate time?
A:No closing time. You can visit the hotel at the time you like.
3Q:Can we deliver the luggage to the hotel by express in advance?
A:Yes, I can. Please consult when you want to mail. 06-6633-6633
4Q:Can I send something from the hotel?
A:Yes, probably. Please ask the following contact address. 06-6633-6633
5Q:When is the payoff?
A:Please settle at the reception desk when checking in at this hotel.
6Q:Can I use credit card or electronic settlement?
A:Yes, it can be used. Visa, master and unionpay can be used in credit CARDS and alibaba can be used in electronic settlement.
7Q:Is there the coin-laundry?
A:There is no coin-laundry in the hotel.Sorry, there is a coin-laundry within one minute walk from this hotel, please use it.
8Q:Is there a laundry service?
A:I'm terribly sorry about that. No laundry service is available now.There is a coin-laundry within one minute walk from this hotel, please use it.
9Q:Is there a conference room?
A:Sorry, we didn't set up the conference room.
10Q:Is there a microwave oven?
A:There is a microwave on the first floor of the hotel. Please feel free to use it.

About the guest room

1Q:How old the children can we sleep with?
A:Considering the safety of sleeping with children, children who are not in school can be accompanied to sleep.Besides, only one adult can live in each bed.We hope you can understand.
2Q:Is there a smoking room?
A:The second floor of the hotel is a smoking room.(Standard single room 4 rooms,premium twin room 1 room.)
3Q:Do you have any amenities in the hotel?
A:Bath towel/face towel/night shirt/teeth brush set/body sponge/body soap/shampoo/conditioner/shower cap/razor/hair brush/face&hand soap/tissue box for you.In addition, please feel free to apply to the service desk for preparing the sponge and bath agent in the 1 f hall.
4Q:What's the furniture in the room?
A:LCD TV (32 inches)/refrigerator/dryer/electric kettle/alarm clock/mirror/belt clip hanger/deodorant spray/stats for you.
5Q:What are the rentals?
A:Iron/extended cord/nail clipper/humidify air cleaner/jupon ironing machine/suit brush/thermometer for you.
6Q:Is there a crib in the room?
A:Because we don't have the crib, if you have a baby, please sleep with the baby in the big bed.
7Q:Is there a room for meals?
A:Sorry, there is no setup.Please understand.There are convenience stores and food street nearby, so please take advantage of these facilities.
8Q:Is there a room that communicates?
A:I am very sorry that there is no room for communication.Please allow us to arrange the rooms of the guests and the guests as much as possible.
9Q:Is there a Japanese room in the hotel?
A:There is only a western-style room in the room.
10Q:Excuse me, toilet is Washlet toilet?
A:Yes,the Washlet toilet with all the warm water.

About the facilities and services

1Q:Is there the shop in the hotel?
A:Sorry, we didn't set up the store. Please use the convenience store nearby.
2Q:Can I deposit my valuables?
A:Very sorry. Please manage your valuables yourself.
3Q:Can I exchange foreign currency?
A:Sorry, we can't exchange foreign currency. I hope you can use the nearby financial institution.
4Q:Is there a big bath?
A:I'm terribly sorry. The hotel does not have a big bath.
5Q:Can I use spare slippers?
A:In order to keep the room clean, the slippers are only available in the guest room. Please understand in advance.
6Q:Is there a massage place in the hotel?
A:I'm terribly sorry. There is no massage in this hotel. If the customer wants a massage, we can help you find a massage parlor nearby.
7Q:Can we use the Internet?
A:Yes, you can use the whole free wi-fi.
8Q:Can I open the window of the guest room?
A:Yes, the Windows can be opened and closed freely.

About access

1Q:Is there a parking lot in the hotel?
A:Sorry, there is no parking lot in the hotel. Please use the coin-operated parking lot nearby.
2Q:Where is the nearest station?
A:The nearest subway station is the sakai line,Ebisumachi Station,Minami Line Imamiyaebisu Station. You can also go to JR Shinmamiya Station.

Other questions

1Q:Is there an ATM nearby?
A:The Risona bank (ATM only) takes only about five minutes. If you use an ATM machine from another financial institution, you can use it in a nearby convenience store.
2Q:Is there a convenience store nearby?
A:Yes, there is. 7-11 hike for 1 minute. Lawson walked for three minutes and Family Mart walked five minutes. Also, the supermarket is about three minutes' walk.